Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions before contacting me.

I'm an MD/DO/NP/RN who has impressive qualifications, how can I get involved in ReelMD?

First, thanks for your interest and for visiting my humble website. Movie industry consulting can be glamorous for some. However, it is anything but for most others (including myself). The projects I assist with are indie scripts on shoestring budgets (many never get made) and really it is more me donating my time than generating any type of income.

The other aspect is that, like most things, it comes down to who you know and it is a notoriously difficulty industry to break into. My advice would be to find an outlet that is fulfilling, challenging and enjoyable. Like years of residency, there is a lot of hard, thankless, unpaid work that needs to be done before you can land on something worthwhile. The same applies to building an internet blog/vlog/youtube channel etc

I am a writer/producer and I require your services, however I have no money

This is one of the most common things that I hear. As I alluded to above, this a passion project, not a gig that makes me money I can live on.

I will work with you projects with budgets of $0 and up.

I've never even had a medical consultation for myself let alone a script, what does the consulting process entail?

When we get in touch, I get info about your story, vision for the production, and get a list of questions you have for me. I work with you to make your story as realistic as you require and we both have a blast in the process learning from one another. I can sign an NDA if required.