How to portray psychologists and psychiatrists on screen

The accuracy of Unsane’s portrayal of the “insane”

HBO’s “Chernobyl”

What Avengers Infinity War: Endgame shows us about how we really cope with loss


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This blog was created to inform and sometimes (if I'm lucky) entertain its readers. I try to cover angles that screenwriters and showrunners may find interesting, however the content is for everyone to share and learn from. You can also use this webpage to contact me should you want medical consulting for your project.

The topics selected are basically what interests me and are in no way an endorsement or claim of ownership over any copyrights. All the content in this webpage is for entertainment only and are not intended to be used as indirect medical advice. The accuracy of this website is pretty spot on (if I can say so myself) however my medical colleagues who visit it expecting Harrison's Principles Internal Medicine level breadth and nuance should chose their CME more wisely than what's essentially a film industry blog.

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Check out the new blog entry talking about the portrayal of psychiatrists and psychologists on screen

I have come out of hibernation and have relaunched the website with a new medical film blog (still growing) that I will be contributing to regularly!

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